A Note From Our Founder

Hi! I’m Melina, the founder of Keaton. I’ve spent my career in the business world--first as a management consultant and then at a global retail brand. I’ve spent years searching for workwear that made me feel confident and powerful while being comfortable and easy-to-wear. 
I’ve tried it all: tailored trousers (that required expensive dry-cleaning), fast-fashion blazers (one ripped right before a big meeting), and button-up shirts (that stubbornly gape in the front). Like 80% of you, I haven’t managed to nail down a work uniform that works for me. 
We spend most of our day at work, and I believe we should love what we’re wearing. It was in a cramped dressing room at the mall, after trying on countless pairs of unflattering black slacks, that I decided to start Keaton. 
I’ve spent the last year speaking with over 300 women about workwear (you might say I’m a bit obsessed). At Keaton, we're building a collection of office essentials designed for work and play. Our pieces feature easy-care fabrics, functional pockets, and flattering styles. Today, we offer a Perfect Pant that is machine washable and non-wrinkle. It’s as comfy as a yoga pant but looks like a million bucks. We wanted to launch Keaton with a wardrobe all-start that helps you get more mileage out of everything else in your closet.
As part of the Keaton community, I want to hear from you. What's missing from your work wardrobe? If you want to vent, share inspiration, or anything else, please e-mail me directly at I can't wait to hear from you!